BSNL Electronic auction of Kerala Fancy Mobile Number booking Online with free registration @ to grab Vanity mobile number

BSNL Electronic auction of Kerala Fancy Mobile Number booking Online with free registration @ to participate and grab Vanity Mobile numbers.

BSNL Kerala Telecom Circle has announced the "Electronic Vanity Auction and Luxury Mobile Numbers" for January 2021 from 01/22/2021 to 01/29/2021 via the online bsnl portal: Mobile numbers that have a specific sequence, often referred to as - Custom / Elegant / Premium Numbers, are available for this electronic auction.

BSNL Kerala Fancy Mobile Number booking Online

Customers can participate in the offer of selected premium numbers via the web. Registering and participating in the electronic auction process is very simple and straightforward. Previously, there was the possibility to participate in the electronic auction via SMS. 

According to the latest information, the SMS bidding option has been discontinued at Kerala Circle. Now people interested in BSNL Fancy Mobile numbers can only participate in the electronic auction through the web portal. The auction will start at 00:00 on 22/01/2021 and will end at 23:59 on 29/01/2021.

Registration fees for electronic auction with BSNL fancy number

BSNL also looked at registration fees for the bidding process. The BSNL authorities also informed user that registration fees are non-refundable in the event of a non-winning bidder.

Who can participate in the electronic auction?

  • BSNL intends to offer an electronic auction for the assignment of Custom Numbers in the relevant Licensed Service Area (which includes corresponding Telecom Circle customers) to eligible customers / businesses / similar businesses.
  • The personalized number will be provided to the successful bidder. This custom number will be in the corresponding licensed service area (which includes the corresponding telecommunication circle) with all facilities as per plan, such as SMS, data, ISD, international roaming according to the published BSNL rate.
  • Potential customers / company / company must be a registered company / Indian citizen.
  • At the same time as the offer for company / company, the Deed of Incorporation must also be submitted with a copy of the articles and the Deed of Incorporation.
  • Potential clients / businesses / similar businesses must submit the latest recognized copy of the tax return form.
  • Individual customers must submit proof of address / proof of identity in accordance with BSNL guidelines.

How to register on the online portal?

To register, the customer must access the site, registration on the portal is free. The customer can select the number of his choice and proceed with his registration by paying a non-refundable fee which will be charged as a registration fee for each vanity number. The subscription fee will be deducted from the conversation balance of prepaid customers and included in the next bill for postpaid customers.

How to participate in the Premium / Fancy numbers auction?

Customers can participate in the offer of selected premium numbers via the web:
Enter the premium number auction via website: (Google Chrome / Mozilla browser required)

  • To register, the customer must access the site or https: Registration in the portal is free
  • The customer can register via the link "Login / register" in the menu bar. The customer must log in with the mobile number. and email identification. After successful registration, the customer will receive a password via SMS and email.
  • The customer has to click "Login" and log in with the received password and click accept terms and conditions to continue.
  • After successful login, the customer will be directed to the welcome page. The customer can change the password using the "Change password" option available in the menu bar. The customer can fill in their data in the "profile form". The customer can select custom numbers by clicking on "Available numbers".
  • To bid on a custom number, the customer must pay the required registration fee displayed against the selected number and the registration fees can be paid online.
  • After paying the required registration fees for a number, the customer can place a bid on that particular number available in the "Status of my offer" menu. The customer can start bidding on numbers for which he has successfully registered.
  • Select the number on the left side, the customer can see the number of offers and their current offer value. The incremental value for each race number is already available on the portal.
  • If the customer wishes to bid above the current maximum bid value, they can increase the bid amount by clicking "Click to bid" in the My bid status.
  • The offer closes at 11:59 pm on closing offer date and the list of selected bidders will be published in units on the BSNL field on the next day of the offer closing.
  • All selected high bidders (H1) will receive an email / SMS on the next day of bidding process completed with mentioning the number offered, the PIN number and the amount to be paid, including GST, less the registration fee paid initially.
  • Any successful bidder can address any CSC BSNL in Kerala by showing the SMS / email message and can take the respective vanity number after paying the above fees and submitting the necessary documentary evidence.

BSNL intends to establish a platform for these premium numbers to be made available to customers who are most fascinated by the fancy numbers. 

As the demand is extremely high, these numbers are put up for auction so that each individual can have the opportunity to get her choice number by participating in the auction held on this site. Overall, this website constitutes a transparent means that paves the way for the public to explore our valuable services.

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