BSNL broadband customers can very soon get 1 year rental waived off if they agree to pay two years rental in advance. Under the longer duration payments option customers are given incentives for depositing rental in advance. The company gets benefited as it gets the money in advance and the customer gets the benefit of reduced rental to be paid .
BSNL has introduced two longer duration payment option plans which are in addition to the existing annual payment option scheme. Under the existing annual payment scheme , which is applicable to all postpaid Broadband customers, the customers get two months rental discount and need to pay only 10 months rental and avail the service for a year.

The two new plans offer the discount in rental for six months and 1 year on advance payment of rental for 18 months and 24 months respectively.

The schemes are good but for customers there are few hitches in it. One the customer will have to stick to the service for the said period as he has already paid the advance rental even if unsatisfied with the service. Secondly what if the plan gets revised and the rental gets reduced in future . Will the company adjust that amount? Still the service is good for those who have tasted the service for quite some time and have plans to stick to it for long time.

The scheme gets implemented from 01.07.2011.
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