Tamilnadu Telecom Circle provisioned excellent facility to change of FFL number in Ennanban Super Plan in 2G prepaid mobile services.

Procedure for the above facility:
To change of FFL number send as
FFLM<space>Old number<space>New number
send SMS to 53733
Before sending a SMS request a Minimum balance of Rs.50 should be maintained. 
If minimum balance is available, FFLM will be executed and charges for FFL Rs.5/- will be deducted from the customer main Account balance for the change.
If minimum balance is not available, a reply SMS will be sent to the customer with a request to top up the amount with minimum Rs.50/- or above.
Customer can change the FFL number once in THREE months only. If any request is received from the customer before the expiry of 3 months period, a reply SMS will be sent as follows:
"Dear Customer! Your SMS request is rejected as you are eligible to change your FFL number on or after xx-xx-xx (dd/mm/yy)"
Customer should note that The existing procedure for changing FFL number thru CSCs on written request is withdrawn.
This facility will begin from 26.08.2011.

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