Thiruvananthapuram Telecom District (BSNL), is planning Christmas Mela from December 1 to 31 from 9.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m. during all working days. At a time at 41 customer service centres, and 52 telephone exchanges in the district. 
  • The , Price of 2G & 3G mobile SIM cards Rs 20 & Rs 59 would be given free-of-cost at the mela. 
  • All Data cards would be given a discount of 8%. 
  • All RCVs, Top-ups, STVs will be given 4% discount. 
  • All new Land phone connections are offered a UITC card gift which worths of Rs 200.
  • Rs 250 Installation charges for New broadband connections would be waived.
  • The rental payment is made in advance for 18 months, broadband can be used for 24 months, and if payment is made for two years, usage of three years is allowed. If ten months payment is made in advance, usage for one year is allowed.
  • Subscribers who pay 1year rental in advance for the Land phone connections, would be allowed to use it for 2years, with 50 free calls per month. In the rural areas, the annual rent would be reduced to Rs 600, instead of Rs 1,320, with 30 free calls per month.
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