Kerala Telecom Circle (BSNL) announced best services under WIMAX by introducing a New WIMAX Business Plan BUWI 850
This promotional offer is for a period of 90 days from 17/08/2011 to 14/11/2011 
The new WIMAX Business plan with FMC Rs.850/- & free usage of 9 GB for Kerala Circle.                 
Details of the Business Plan  BUWI 850 
Bandwidth (Wherever Technically Feasible) : 512 Kbps 
Applicability : All users 
Single/Multi user (SU/MU) : MU 
Activation /Installation Charge : NIL 
Fixed Monthly Charge (FMC) in : Rs. 850 
Discounted Annual Payment Option in : Rs. 8500 
FMC for Indoor & Outdoor CPE installed by BSNL : 40 
FMC for USB Dongle installed by BSNL : 30 
Free usage per month : 9 GB 
Additional usage beyond free limit (Rs./MB) : 0.80 
Free Email id/Space : 4/ 5 MB 
Static IP Address (on Request) : NA 
Security Deposit for WIMAX Service : One month FMC 
Security Deposit for WIMAX CPE. where CPE taken on Rent : 50 % of sale price of CPE (Exclusive of sale tax) 
Minimum Hire period : 1 month 

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