Tamilnadu Telecom Circle (BSNL) announced one more full motivated services to its BSNL Customers for free of cost.
All 2G and 3G Mobile services customers can avail this Free incoming Call Diversion (FCD) under both Prepaid and Postpaid services.
This is promotional offer of free incoming Call Diversion (FCD) facility to all its Tamilnadu & Chennai Telephones mobile services Customers from 12-09-11 to 10-11-11 for a period of 60days.
Free incoming call diversion facility to one BSNL Landline number within Chennai, as per the choice of the  Prepaid / Postpaid customer.

To avail the above feature Customer should register one BSNL Landline number for Free Call Diversion(FCD) facility as follows: 
FCD <space> STDCODE BSNL Landline number in Chennai
send SMS to 53733  
Then, Customer should activate FCD via Mobile handset as mentioned below  

The customer has to activate the FCD facility as per normal call diversion procedure as per his need in Mobile handset, 
Go to Menu ->Settings>
select <Call settings>
select <Call divert> 
select <all calls> 

According to the mobile handset made facilities of the Customer requirement to Landline Number with STD code (to which calls are to be diverted).  

If Customer needs any change of registration will be allowed only after two months from the date of registration under this offer to avoid misuse.

To Deactivate the above feature customer can deactivate from his mobile as follows: 
Go to  <Menu>
select <Settings>
select <Call settings>
select <Call divert deactivate> 
select <all calls> 

Customers may be noted that to deactivate this facility to get the calls back to the mobile handset when needed. There is no restriction on the number of activation or deactivation of this facility as this 
facility is offered to counter the indoor poor coverage problems here and there in Chennai/(Tamilnadu Telecom Circle). 
The above facility will hold the tossing in the customers to port-out on the above reason. 

On activation of the FCD facility, all the incoming Calls to the mobile number will be diverted to the registered Landline number and are FREE of cost. 
Note: If any diverted incoming call to any other Landline/Mobile number, other than the above registered Landline number is chargeable for the incoming call mobile number as applicable for a diverted call.)

This facility is not applicable for the CUG customers in Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile services. 
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