check here what are the updated unlimited broadband plans introduced by BSNL in Punjab on DSL and FTTH technologies

BSNL plans for high-speed broadband for home and business in the Punjab circle were introduced separately based on competition. Just check here what are the updated unlimited broadband plans introduced by BSNL in Punjab on DSL and FTTH technologies.

The following are BSNL's special broadband plans approved by the Punjab Telecommunication Circle Tariff Committee. These new BSNL broadband rates in Punjab are available in addition to the unlimited plans available from PAN India.

BSNL Punjab Broadband plans on DSL and Bharat Fiber services
Let's take a look at the latest in subscription to the best broadband plans in the Punjab club and all the special rates at Rs. 795 and beyond will also offer free subscription to Amazon Prime per month.

These are the exclusive BSNL Fiber Home FTTH plans available in the Punjab circle as regular plans with or without voice at download speeds of 50 Mbps mentioned in each in the table starting at 490

Punjab Circle BSNL Fiber broadband plans 

FTTH Plan Name Download speed Monthly Rent in Rs Other Facility
200GB CS111 50Mbps upt0 200GB, then 4Mbps 490 No Voice
300GB CS112 50Mbps upto 300GB, then 4Mbps 590 No Voice
PUN 400GB CS117 50Mbps till 400GB, then 4Mbps 690 Unlimited calls any network
Other FTTH Plans (749 / 777 / 849 / 1277…) From 50Mbps to 100Mbps From 749 to 16999 Unlimited Voice Valls any network

BSNL DSL broadband plans in Chandigarh

ParticularsBBG Combo ULD 795 CS201BBG Combo ULD 995 CS202BBG Combo ULD 1395 CS203BBG Combo ULD 1995 CS204
Bandwidth (Download Speed)Upto 10 Mbps till 150 GB, and after 2 MbpsUpto 10 Mbps till 250 GB, and after 2 MbpsUpto 10 Mbps till 500 GB, after 2 MbpsUpto 10 Mbps till 900 GB, then 2 Mbps
ApplicabilityAll users of Chandigarh SSA of Punjab Circle only
Monthly Charges (Rs)79599513951995
One Year Payment795099501395019950
2 Years Advance Payment15105189052650537905
3 years Advance Payment22260278603906055860
LimitUnlimited Downloads and Uploads every month
Free E-mail IDs1 user with 1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request)Not ApplicableOne @ Rs 2000 p.a. additionalOne @ Rs 1800 p.a. additional
Security DepositOne month Rent
Minimum Hire PeriodOne month
Telephone Rent and Call ChargesRent Free by allowing 24 Hrs. unlimited free calling (local +STD) on any network in India

Although BSNL has introduced special unlimited internet plans for all of Punjab, Chandigarh SSA has a special preference in introducing some other new DSL internet rates as below, where the following is only applicable for Chandigarh SSA.

Internet DSL / fiber optic plans BSNL Punjab Circle

BSNL Fiber Plan D/L or U/L Speed Monhly Rent (Rs)
100GB_CUL 20Mbps till 100GB,
then 2Mbps
500GB_CUL 50Mbps till 500GB, beyond 2Mbps 777
Superstar 300GB 50Mbps till 300GB, then 2Mbps 779
600GB_CUL 50Mbps till 600GB, after 2Mbps 849
Superstar 500GB50Mbps till 500GB, beyond 2Mbps 949
750GB_Plan_Monthly 100Mbps till 750GBdata/day, then 2Mbps 1277
33_GB_CUL_Monthly 100Mbps till 33GBdata/day, beyond 2Mbps 1999
40_GB_CUL_Monthly 100Mbps till 40GB/day then 4Mbps 2499
55GB CUL 100Mbps till 55GB/day, after 4Mbps 4499
80GB Plan 100Mbps till 80GB data/day, then 6Mbps 5999
170GB Plan Monthly 100Mbps till 170GB/day, beyond 10Mbps 16999
DSL Plan Speed Monthly Rent in (Rs)
4GB_CUL 10Mbps till 4GBdata/day then 2Mbps 629
12GB CUL 10Mbps till 12GB/day, after 2Mbps 899
10GB_CUL 10Mbps till 10GB/day then 2 Mbps 1199
22GB_CUL 10Mbps till 22GBdata/day, after 4 Mbps 1299

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